For years I was a professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the Hague, the Netherlands where I also received my education.

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Drawing Classes
Basic Color

In preparation for the six week course of Color Matters, I am offering an in-depth view of what drawing encompasses. We will use earthy colors like Ochre, Burnt Sienna, middle grey or whatever is available in your color box.

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Color Matters

In this series, with home work, I will discuss a certain color and its complementary. As a subject I will take a small mundane object, for example a vegetable or fruit, which you can draw for half an hour and finish the next day.

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An Apple a Day

During a whole month you will receive a video and small talk into your e-mail-box every day, with home work. This is especially designed for busy people who want to be inspired to do something every day but cannot seem to find the time to do so.

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Figure Drawing

Contour drawing/line

Mirror image

Copying/change dimensions

Systematic work / draw a hand

Copy reality / draw an object

Creating an illusion

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Advanced 1

The general idea

The chair

A corner in your house/relationships

Draw a person/relationships

Light and shadows

Self portrait

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Pen & Ink

Know your materials
Look at the world from a window
Draw a tree
Draw a tree next to a house
Make a drawing

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