Color Matters

  By Jacobina O.

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There’s a lot to like about drawing with colored pencils. They’re utterly convenient. A handful of colored pencils and a pad of paper are all you really need to start creating. Prep time and cleanup are practically non-issues, the materials are light and portable, and you don’t need messy or toxic solvents. At the same time, colored pencil drawing lends itself to highly refined and exquisite works of art that rival those created with any other medium.

Colored pencils are relatively inexpensive, and the palette is extensive. The color is pure, clean and bright. The medium is permanent, and colored pencil drawings do not require elaborate care or storage.

Anyone who has started drawing as children with Crayola colored pencils, probably has a fondness for the control and detail they have when using colored pencils to draw. Still, many people are surprised to find that drawing with colored pencils has become a fine art with the exquisite execution to rival painting and sculpture. Colored pencil drawings focus on similar shade and light considerations that dominate watercolor, while also using the shading a blending techniques of dry media.

Much of the popularity of colored pencils has to do with their portability. As a dry medium, they are easy to pack in a daily bag, or a suitcase for longer trips, without worrying about leakage, damage, and spoilage.

This medium is ideal for people who travel extensively and do not have long stretches of uninterrupted time. I am offering you a special virtual course of making drawings with colored pencils for six weeks. The subject matter are vegetables on a small piece of cloth like a dishtowel or napkin. Every week we will look at the results, critique and celebrate.(No more than six people in a class)



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