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  By Jacobina O.

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Some people like to draw flowers, some people are crazy about drawing other people. There are artists who completely focus on drawing buildings, cityscapes or boats. To draw something really good takes prolonged focus and various ways to view your subject matter. The more you hone into what you like, the more you will discover. Whatever you choose, once you get in the habit of seeing, you will never look at mundane things the same again. You actually will develop mindfulness and scan the world with a heightened sensitivity.

Course Description

1) The general idea
We touched on the principle of negative space, Where there is an inside there is an outside. The line is like a border between two shapes. There are five basic skills of drawing.
1. Edges
2. Spaces
3. Relationships
4. Lights and shadows
5. The Gestalt (The whole together)

2) The chair
The drawing of a mundane object like a chair seems too easy. You already know what the chair looks like, so why bother? But let’s dive deeper into this subject because these are lessons in perspective. Drawing a chair is as much about composition as it is about negative spaces

3) A corner in your house/relationships
Drawing furniture next to a door or a hallway might look like a daunting task but you are ready for it. We use measuring tools that have been used for centuries by many artists to get the right proportions.

4) Draw a person/relationships
By a lack of live models, this portion of the class is theoretical and we will use line templates and measuring tools to give you an idea of how to structure the features and hair without getting into much detail too fast.

5) Light and shadows
Always know where the light is coming from. When there is direct sunlight you might want to stop within an hour, because the subject has changed dramatically. Also include background and other interference.

6) Self portrait
Using a large mirror and one spot light draw your own face using everything you have learned thus far. Start with a light outline and measure the spaces between eyes and eye and ear.



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